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The Haitian Modeling Club

provides aspiring models like you with all you need to succeed. Our models get signed, star and succeed in ways other models can’t because of our network of exclusive industry connections with experienced modeling professionals. Our models experience the thrill of success; our models will enjoy modeling in fashion shows, runway, magazines, music videos, favorite TV shows and more! Modeling is made easy when we do the work for you. Join the Haitian Models Club now and start your new path!









Our Mission


To serve as one of the largest networking and

resource opportunities for industry professionals.

To provide an exciting, professional, courteous and

safe environment in which models and/or talent will be showcased. 


Established in New York City in 2013 The Haitian Models Club has been in business for over a year.

Our goal is to coach our models to be able to honor the cover of any fashion magazine and talent in television shows.

The Haitian Modeling club will have a Classes Curriculum to prepare students to enter the world of modeling with

self-confidence, poise, and style. The Club offers training in areas which is key to success in the modeling industry as well as in everyday life.

Haitian Models Club

Is for every Haitian men and women from 12 years old and up all over the world, who were aspiring to become a model and never have the opportunity to fulfill their dream. Now we are here for them, to guide, coach, promote and assist them for their dream to become reality

  We are not an agency. We don’t give away jobs. We coach aspiring models to have their dream become reality. However, our site is your best shot of exposure. Sometimes we may be offered opportunities, and when we are, we will make a selection among the best without discrimination.